Watch Yaya Sperbund Do Her Thai Beauty–Inspired Daily Routine

“In Thailand we have two types of weather,” explains Urassaya “Yaya” Sperbund in her saccharine lilt. “Hot and very hot.” Here, the Thai actress and model shares the tricks behind her rosy, fresh-faced glow, which is carefully calibrated to outlast her home country’s year-round balmy climate.

“This is a mask that a lot of Thai women use,” explains Sperbund, spreading the sudsy elixir on her face and leaving it there for five minutes before removing it with a damp cloth. Next, she rolls Origins No Puffery Cooling Roll-On under her eyes for a refreshing jolt, before reaching for the most cherished item in her makeup bag: Country Stream Natural Honey Lip Serum. “This is the one thing I wasn’t going to tell anybody is my favorite thing because I didn’t want anyone else to have it but me, which is so mean and selfish, but I’ll tell you guys!” she explains, generously patting the cult Japanese hydrator on her mouth. After massaging her cheekbones and jawline with a steel sculpting tool, she’s ready to move on to makeup. Whipping out her trusty BB cushion compact, she blends it on as needed for natural-looking coverage, then chisels her cheeks with Kat Von D’s Kitten Mini Shade + Light Contour Duo.

“While you’re doing your makeup, the best trick to making it perfect at the end is to compliment yourself during the process,” she says. “So I’m going to give myself a compliment and say, ‘Yaya, you have excellent skin today.’ After brushing through her full brows with a spoolie, she adds a wash of tawny eyeshadow on the sockets. “I feel like I look kinder,” she observes while smudging iridescent highlighter on the inner corners of her gaze. After her lashes are curled and coated with mascara, she smiles big and swirls bright fuchsia blush on the apples of her cheeks, subsequently adding a healthy pink lip stain to match. Examining her reflection, she decides to add a little more “sweetness” to her eyes as her final step. Because for Sperbund, a look is never complete without a hint of extra sparkle.

Filmed at the Lowell Hotel, New York City.

Sperbund wears an Araks top.