Veganism is a lifestyle which is hugely beneficial to the human health, says Tay Sweat

Tay Sweat.

There are several reasons to switch over to anextensive plant-based diet. According to researchers, vegetarians can save more than $700 annually compared to their omnivore counterparts, as vegan meal options generally have lower costs. But what about overall health? Studies have shown that those who have opted for plant-based diet enjoy reduced risk of cancer and other terminal diseases, enjoy fewer medications, heart ailments and are less prone to diabetes. Plant-based diets are not only healthier for people but also beneficial for our planet. It boosts human lifespan and reduces harmful emission in the process.

In tune with this ideology, Tay Sweat, popularly known as The Vegan Trainer, is requesting people to choose a vegan diet. Sweat’s advice for going vegan is not only about saving animals, rather it is about saving yourself. Many people choose to switch over to a vegan diet as they feel sympathetic to animals that are killed just to satisfy human’s craving for meat.  The Nashville, Tennessee, native believes that, “Veganism is a lifestyle which is hugely beneficial to the human health and environment. The benefits of going vegan have been scientifically proven. Hence, more and more people across the globe are turning vegan.”

The 30-year-old master trainer coach and author, who himself was over 300 pounds just as a 14-year-old kid, suffered from heart ailments, digestive issues and diabetes. His own life experiences taught him to focus on having a healthy diet and lifestyle. Tay believes that transitioning to a nutritious plant-based diet needs some time, preparation and guidance. Tay who often advises people through his vlogs on social media platforms about healthy vegan eating habits has outlined some simple yet effective rules for weight loss.

Tay in his vlogs has elaborated reasons for which one should turn vegan. Subjects like importance of fasting, difference between keto diet and high carb meals, what food items one should consume daily, how to maintain a calorie intake and other interesting nutrition-related issues that fitness enthusiasts often come across have been covered by The Vegan Trainer on his website. Tay’s health and meal plan advices are interactive in their format. Hence, he has been able to reach out tomany followers even outside the United States.

The Vegan Trainer emphasises on slow transition to plant-based diet. Not skipping meals and maintaining a routine diet plan is a must. Cutting the amount of oil and eating whole grains must feature in the daily meal plan. Sticking to healthy snacks is always a good option to avoid starvation. One should not fret over calorie intake as it leads to a lot of stress. Daily exercise is also very essential to get the best of your plant-based meals.

Tay’s Sunflower Vegan Cafe has shattered the myth that vegan food is bland and tasteless. The large array of meals such as BBQ tofu, mock crab cakes and thai ginger tofu are turning thousands of followers across the globe vegan and healthy.  So be nice to yourself, be kind-hearted to others and together let’s start our journey towards healthy and happier life.