Sushi Burger: The Hottest New Food Trend?

Sushi Burger: The Hottest New Food Trend?

We have come across many food fads that have raged all over social media and left us awestruck. From unique pizza crusts to bacon infused desserts, we have seen it all. But there is one such food trend which is so different (perhaps, weird) and has been creating a lot of buzz so much so that it has taken Instagram by storm. This incredibly unique dish is called the Sushi Burger!

We know that the first thing that might have popped in your head is how a Sushi and a Burger can come together? They are extremely different dishes, coming from different continents and having no relation whatsoever. To be honest, we were as perplexed as you are right now but don’t worry we take full responsibility to enlighten you about this very popular food trend.

sushi burgerPhoto Credit: facebook/hungrybocagals

For those of you who don’t know about Sushi, it is a Japanese dish prepared with sushi rice ( a combination of rice and vinegar) which is rolled out and filled with raw seafood, vegetables or fruits and is garnished with soy sauce, wasabi and so on.The combination of the two is made possible by substituting the bread buns of the hamburger with dome shaped sushi rice buns with the original sushi filling in the middle like raw seafood, soft-shell crabs or fresh vegetables with wasabi or any other dressing instead of the fried meat patty. One concern which arises with the Sushi Burger is the difficulty to eat it because the rice bun tends to break easily and you’re left with sticky fingers which ruins the eating experience. To avoid this situation, many chefs have come up with an idea to fry the rice buns in order to keep the bun together which reduces the stickiness as well. Some people use sea weed to tie the burger together.

This dish has so many variations that one cannot just stick to a single recipe. People have come up with a number of innovative alterations to the dish and we have some of our favourite picks for you:

An original Sushi Burger with raw seafood and vegetable filling.

Here, the Sushi burger is altered by using black rice Sushi buns with a juicy pork patty filling.

sushi burgerBlack Rice Sushi Burger; Photo Credit: pinterest

This one is for all the diet conscious people who would like to replace white rice with brown rice and  incorporate green veggies instead of meat.

These Sushi rice buns are fried till they are golden-brown to avoid the buns from falling apart.
sushi burgerFried Sushi Burger; Photo Credit: pinterest

Sushi burger seasoned with Argentinian spices to enhance the flavour and get your taste buds tingling.

Here is a short video of the actual Sushi burger preparation with soy sauce dressing

Keeping all the speculations aside, we feel that this dish is so unique and looks so appetizing that you should definitely try it and if you do, let us know how you feel about it.