Save the earth with simple lifestyle changes

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Today, as the world observes Earth Day, many messages are being sent out by different leaders, groups, companies and people across the world. Man’s lifestyle has affected the world and its existence, including climate change. Hence, few lifestyle changes can turn things around to save the earth and check global warming.

True, small things matter and simple easy steps strictly followed by all can go a long way in creating a better world to live. While each should do their bit to save the earth and enhance living, Google’s Earth Day Doodle suggests some important changes that are easy to follow.

Google suggests conserving wildlife, marine life, eating less meat, car-pooling and using eco-friendly devices.

Other simple things one can do is plant more trees, make small kitchen gardens, nature flower gardens, use solar energy, recycle waste products, save water, avoid taking cars where you can walk and clean your surroundings.

One can also help farmers. Take a trip to villages and create awareness about saving their crops and boosting their yeild and other ways of saving the earth.

The little things we do can save this beautiful green earth.

“Whatever you do today, we hope you’re able to take a moment to savour and cherish this boundless, stunning Earth that we inhabit,” Google said in a statement.

While many world leaders and celebs pledge to make changes, let’s all, as citizens of the earth, do our bit, make small changes to cherish and make a huge difference the easy way.