Satisfy evening hunger pangs with delicious ‘Steamed Corn and Greens Popiah’ recipe

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Are you tempted to snack from time to time? While it may satisfy your hunger pangs for a while, the lasting impact of the oily and unhealthy food can be an expensive bargain to strike. You just need a healthy alternative and what better than corns and greens? This ‘Steamed Corn and Greens Popiah’ recipe is one such choice that you can make. Tasty and easy to cook, this recipe by executive chef Swatantra Gautam, Azaya Beach Resort Goa, can be whipped up in no time to enjoy during romantic monsoon evenings.


40g – Corn Kernels
150g – Shredded Spinach leaves
100g – Shredded Pakchoy leaves
20g – Chopped celery
2g – Black pepper
1g – Salt
2 nos – Rice paper sheet


15g – Jaggery
15ml – Lemon Juice
1g – Chopped red chili
5g – Chopped coriander root
2g – Chopped garlic
2g – Sugar
1g – Salt
40ml – Water


* Soak rice paper sheet in water for three minutes.

* Blanch corn, spinach and pakchoy for a while and drain all water.

* Mix rest of the ingredients to make a stuffing. Add the seasoning as per your taste.

* Mix all the ingredients for dressing. Make sure the jaggery is dissolved completely.

* Prepare a roll using rice paper sheet and stuffing.

* Steam the rolls for two minutes.

* Serve hot with the dressing.