Samsung denies giving up on Android wear for smartwatches

maintain your horses, folks: Samsung hasn’t formally damaged with up Android put on just yet. A latestfile from speedy organization noted unnamed Samsung executives who stated the hardware giant wasn’toperating on any Android put on smartwatches, and failed to plan to expand any new ones both. feels likea pretty emphatic answer, however Samsung disagreed when asked for comment:

“We disagree with speedy organisation‘s interpretation. Samsung has now not made any assertionregarding Android put on and we’ve got no longer changed our commitment to any of our platforms.”

Yeah, now not exactly the maximum compelling response, is it? nevertheless, it adds a bit shade to whatregarded like a black-and-white state of affairs — Samsung hasn’t officially given up on Android wear yet,however it might not make any other put on watch, both. The destiny, as they are saying, remainsunwritten.

Of route, what made fast organisation‘s report so compelling is simply how achievable it changed into.after all, if you‘ve been preserving tabs on the rise of Android wear, Samsung bailing at the platformwouldn’t be a stretch. The organization launched its first (and most effective) wear watch at Google I/Oyears ago, and it without delay did not seize people‘s imaginations the way wearables like the Moto 360 did. even if it changed into ultra-modern, the tools stay felt extra like an test than whatever else — Samsung launched three Tizen-powered watches before it, and went complete velocity with Tizen after. Hell, the tremendously latest gear S2 truly wound up being quite fantastic. didn’t see that one coming.

Tizen gives its share of blessingsthe ones unnamed Samsung professionals said it was more energygreen, and would bring some cohesiveness to the employer‘s wearables lineup. more importantly, though, Tizen offers Samsung some thing it lacks with Android wear: manipulate. whilst the Android put on 2.zeroupdate packs some lengthy-awaited enhancements, tool makers nonetheless can’t customize a put onwatch’s software as substantially as they are able to Android on a phone. meaning Android wear‘s coreaesthetic remains out in their reach, making hardware layout and element preference the principledifferentiators between models. With Tizen, Samsung has fuller manipulate over hardware and software, and it’s that harmony that wouldwould possiblysupply Samsung something of an edge as thewearable battle rages on. alternatively, Android wear enjoys much extra recognition as a platform, and Samsung might not be carried out seeking to capitalize on that yet. we will just need to wait and see.