Refreshing mango summer drinks!


Come summer and mangoes are at their sweetest, and mango desserts and drinks are truly refreshing. While there are varieties to choose from, you can try these delicious mango recipes for the summer that are easy and fun to make.

Mango Sorbet: Put fresh cut chilled mangoes, fresh chilled yogurt and sugar to your taste in a food processor. Process until pureed and creamy. Don’t over process. Otherwise the consistency will liquefy. Only the mango pieces should break down completely. Serve immediately.

Aamras: Wash the mangoes properly. Take the mango pulp in a big container pressing and squeezing them with clean hands. Take out the whole pulp. Add sugar to your taste and little chilled water to make a consistency thicker than the juice. The mango threads will be visible separately from the juicy texture. This is the traditional method. You can add few ice cubes. You may have it with your meals as well. It is amazingly refreshing!

Frozen Mango Cubes: Peel and dice the mango. Place mango cubes in a zip-lock bag. Close it air tight. Deep freeze for five to six hours. Take the bag out of the freezer. Keep it at room temperature for five to ten minutes. Pour the slightly melting frozen mango cubes in an ice cream bowl. Eat right away and enjoy.

Mango Vanilla Combo: Put vanilla ice cream in a glass bowl. Let it gets melt at room temperature. Add finely chopped mango pieces in it and mix well. Deep freeze it for few hours. Take out of the freezer five minutes before serving. Serve garnished with more mango cubes.

Mango Rabri: Take one litre of full cream milk. Thicken it on stove adding a tin of milkmaid condensed milk. When the quantity remains half, turn off the gas. Let it get cool at room temperature. Chill it in refrigerator for five to six hours. While serving add a lot of fresh cut small mango cubes in it. Amazingly yum!

Mango Quick Cake: Buy a readymade mango flavoured plain sponge cake from bakery. Beat cream cheese and powdered sugar well. Peel and cut mango in small cubes. Fold them in whipped cream cheese. Spread it on the sponge cake. A showcase of fresh mango slices on the top layer will be a beautiful bonus to the dish.

Mango Kheer: Prepare kheer with milk and rice with your usual recipe. Add half the quantity of sugar than you usually add in regular kheer. Don’t add any dry fruit. Take out the mango pulp and process it in food processor. Add it in chilled kheer. Mix well with a serving spoon. Refrigerate again for an hour. Serve chilled.

Mango Ice Cream: Take 500 ml full cream milk. Thicken it on the stove adding a tin of milkmaid condensed milk. Once the milk thickens, keep it aside to get cool on the room temperature. Pour it in your ice tray till half. Cut the mango and puree it in a food processor. Fill the remaining half of the ice tray with mango pulp. Deep freeze it for six to seven hours. Your home-made mango ice cream is ready to eat.

So delicious! These dessert recipes are worth passing down to deserving generations. Smooth and sweet. What a treat!