NDC at the heart of beauty & wellness in Saudi Arabia

RIYADH — Beauty has boomed in Saudi Arabia and right in the center of it all is National Distribution Company (NDC), a distribution business based in the heart of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. The market experts in all things beauty and wellness distribute over 25 international brands across KSA to bring major beauty, color cosmetics, haircare, nailcare and personal care to beauty-lovers in the country.

By distributing to over 50 retailers all over KSA, they make sure that the Saudi consumer can access a variety of high-quality brands that meets their needs. Conveniently helping them make informed purchase decision.

NDC specializes in the categories of premium beauty, color cosmetics, hair care, personal care, and professional beauty and provides a fully inclusive distribution service International brands. Among their 25 international brands are fan-favorites such as Sleek, Wet n Wild, Body boom, Marvis and Egyptian magic. NDC supplies to the largest and most convenient retailers in the Middle East, such as Sephora, Whites, Faces, Al-Dawaa and Kunooz Pharmacy, to make beloved brands easily available to all beauty-addicts in the Middle East.

“We have been in this business for 8 years, working behind the scene and building our distribution infrastructures to create a sustainable ecosystem for beauty brands to thrive in the region. As our country invites the world to experience the beauty of KSA, we are also opening up about our business values and sharing our exciting offerings to ensure that our brands continue to receive the very best exposure they deserve ensuring that they remain top of mind to consumers across the Gulf,” said Tyseer Al-Turaifi, General Manager, NDC.

With a dedicated brand research team, NDC has not only introduced, but also continues to foster the Middle East beauty boom. Working with a broad spectrum of beauty and wellness brands from upcoming brands to industry superstars allowing NDC to actively supply and support the beauty market. — SG