Navratri 2018: How To Cook These Six Fruits Into Delicious Desserts During Fasts!

Navratri 2018: How To Cook These Six Fruits Into Delicious Desserts During Fasts!

Chaitra Navratri 2018 is set to begin from 18th March and end on 26th March, and Indians are prepping to celebrate this nine-day festival with much fervour. Devotees across the country are set to observe the nine-day fast and turn to satvik food to worship Goddess Durga and her nine avatars. During these nine auspicious days, devotees steer clear of certain foods like non-vegetarian dishes, common salt, eggs, alcohol, wheat and some other grains. Foods like kuttu ka atta, sendha namak, singhare ka atta, sabudaana and seasonal fruits can be included during these days.

During Navratri, all types of fruits are allowed; however, eating them as is may become monotonous, considering you are observing fasts for all the nine days of Navratri. So we suggest some interesting ways to cook all the seasonal fruits in to mouth-watering desserts that you’d love to try.


Here’s our list of fruit infused delicacies that you can still prepare during the nine-day festival on Navratri.


1. Apple Kheer


Apple kheer is a delicious milk based dessert and, of course, a welcome change from a traditional rice kheer that can be enjoyed during Navratri fasts. All you need is apple, ghee, milk, sugar, green cardamom powder and almonds to make a fasting favourite dessert. Here’s a recipe of apple kheer that you can enjoy during Navratri.

apple kheer

Navratri 2018: Apple kheer is a delicious milk based dessert

Image result for Papaya Halwa

Made with ripened papayas, this halwa is bound to make you fall in love. If you haven’t tried this halwa yet, you are in for a surprise this Navratri. Here’s a recipe of papaya halwa that you’d love to devour.


3. Kele Ki Barfi
Image result for Kele Ki Barfi

Barfi makes for a popular North Indian dessert, which uses khoya as one of the main ingredients. However, this kele ki barfi does not need anything except bananas, ghee, sugar, milk, walnuts and coconuts (optional) to make a delicious dessert.


4. Orange Kheer


Giving the traditional kheer a refreshing fruity twist by adding oranges; all you need is some full-cream milk, oranges, sugar, cardamom, pistachios and almonds. Mouth-watering much? Try this recipe of orange kheer and enjoy the nine-day festival.

orange kheer

Navratri 2018: Giving the traditional kheer a refreshing fruity twist by adding oranges

5. Mango Phirni
Image result for Mango Phirni

Summers are here and so is the king of fruits, mangoes! Who would want to miss the chance of adding mangoes in desserts? Enjoy this recipe of rich and creamy mango phirni and make this Navratri super special.


6. Passion Fruit Shrikhand

Image result for Passion Fruit Shrikhand

This one’s a twist to the popular Maharashtrian and Gujarati dessert, Shrikhand. Surprise your palates with delicious passion fruit shrikhand that needs nothing but some curd, passion fruit, cardamom, sugar and warm milk to make this heavenly Navratri special dessert.


This Navratri, skip bingeing on fruits and make some interesting desserts instead!


Happy Navratri 2018!