Lifestyle change a major reason for infertility problems

Adopting the western lifestyle of late marriages and the choice of having children after 30s is leading many Indian couples to infertility, say doctors at the Nova IVI Fertility (NIF), a fertility facility chain, whose 19th clinic has come up in the city.

NIF co-chairman and medical director Dr. Manish Banker on Sunday announced the launch of the city clinic here in a press conference.

“Like western women, Indian women cannot have kids easily after 30 years of age. But many are now following the west which is landing them in troubles like sterility. About 27-30 million couples in India face infertility problems due to changing lifestyle trends like late marriages, long working hours, junk food consumption and others,” Dr. Manish said.

In order to cater to such couples NIF is opening its centre in the city with well-equipped modern embryology laboratory, well qualified embryologists and other services and staff. NIF has achieved 13,700 IVF pregnancies so far in the country and has a success rate of 51% which is close to the success rate of IVI Spain (55%),” NIF chief operating officer Dr. Vinesh Gadhia said.