Jolla Secures extra investment to develop and License Sailfish OS

Jolla Secures Additional Funding to Develop and License Sailfish OS

Jolla, the Finnish mobile organization and developer of open cellular working gadget Sailfish OS,introduced that it has secured $12 million (kind of Rs. seventy nine crores) in new financing to enhance its OS licensing business, following its final fund-increase in December 2015 .

Powered by using its new investments, the startup stated it’s going to keep to broaden its Sailfish OS,proceed with ultimate the Jolla pill mission, and amplify its licensing partnerships. Jolla is also preparing a new unique network software, so that you can be introduced in the close to future. The startup statedit’s miles recruiting new software program developers to reinforce its product development for brand new and upcoming tasks.

In a announcement, Antti Saarnio, Chairman of the Board, Jolla said that the investment is sufficient to run operations till the give up of 2016. “We are also within the making plans section for our in additionfinancing rounds. Now we will positioned all awareness on similarly enhancing our major asset, Sailfish OS,” he stated.

Jolla stated that its team has been operating rigorously on Sailfish OS licensing tasks in 2016, and is about to enter the Indian market at some stage in the coming months.

In India, Jolla said it’s far within the very last levels of the assignment with Intex technologies, and the Intex Aqua Fish smartphone, which changed into supplied at cellular international Congress in Barcelonain advance this year. Jolla is also operating with Turing Robotics Industries, to create a unbreakable, unhackable phone.

speakme at the Jolla pill, it will be able to fulfil a small quantity of pill shipments to its crowdfunding backers, and has decided to refund all of the remaining Jolla pill contributions accomplished viaIndiegogo.

The startup stated it has shipped almost all available drugs to customers, and is likewise intending withvelocity to fulfil the promised refunds to clients who did not get the pill. All payments from spherical one are predicted to be processed at some point of April and may 2016, in an effort to close the first part ofthe refund program.

The refunds will be split into two rounds because of financial constraints: round one will see 1/2 of the refund paid out now, and round two will see the rest paid out within a 12 months of spherical one –depending on its financial popularity, the employer said.

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