‘I am trying to shift to a minimalist lifestyle’

Vishal Gondal

Vishal Gondal founded GOQii, which sells wearable fitness devices along with personalized coaching, in 2014. He also founded the game development and publishing company IndiaGames when he was 16, which was later acquired by The Walt Disney Company. An angel investor, Gondal is passionate about running and outdoor sports. One key achievement he’s proud of is scaling the Mount Fuji in Japan. He’s based out of Mumbai.

Morning Boost

After waking up at 6.30am, the first thing I do is write my diary. This is followed by meditation, and a 30-45 minute workout. I don’t have breakfast; instead, I have bulletproof coffee, adding butter and MCT oil in coffee, at 9am. I follow the intermittent fasting routine—I have dinner at 8pm and then I directly have lunch at 11am the next day.

Fitness Files

My exercise routine comprises cardio, pushups, planks, head and hand stands. On Sundays, I go for a long run. One fitness fad I dislike is the keto diet as it promotes consumption of excessive proteins and fats, resulting in short-term weight loss.

Sleep log

I go to sleep by 10.30pm daily. To ensure that my sleep is uninterrupted, I maintain a dark room; use an eye mask, keep the room’s temperature at 20 degrees, and don’t keep my mobile phone near me. I also apply lavender oil on my pillow—which helps calm me down. When I am travelling, which is at least three or four times every month,I ensure that I get into a business meeting the minute I land. This helps me combat jet lag. I prefer travelling light and so, I never have check-in luggage.

How I Find My Zen

Trekking and mountaineering helps me de-stress. A few months ago, I scaled the Mount Fuji. The time spent with children is also a great stress buster. Besides this, I love listening to TedTalks and, in fact, make sure I attend most Ted conferences.

I am attempting to gradually reduce my possessions and shift to a minimalist lifestyle. So, you will usually see me in a red T-shirt and red shoes. Even my wallet is red.