Huawei confirms that cellphone cameras nonetheless aren’t DSLRs

Huawei via Reddit
It’s no longer the camera, It’s the photographer, proper? Simply, on occasion It’s each, as Huawei justproved. It currently published a lovable photograph, complete with a lens flare, implying that it changed into keen on its photograph-centric P9 phone. “The #HuaweiP9’s dual Leica cameras makes taking pix in low light conditions like this a pride,” says the Google+ post caption. The simplest hassle? It turned intoCertainly desirous about a Canon EOS 5D Mark III equipped with a completely expensive 70-200mm F/2.8 lens really worth $4,500 overall, as the EXIF information absolutely proves.

In retrospect, It is pretty apparent that this is not a phone image. The 5D Mark III’s shallow depth-of-areahas blurred out the heritage, and the lens flare has a polygonal shape, every other DSLR signature. As a few Redditors have pointed out, the detail inside the hair is also a chunk too excellent for a cellphonedigicam.

Huawei technically never said directly that its cellphone took the shot, but It’s strongly implied. It has for the reason that taken down the image and given a announcement to Android Police, announcing, “thepicture, which became professionally taken even as filming a Huawei P9 advert, became shared toencourage our community. We recognize although that we should had been clearer with the captions for this photo. It changed into in no way our intention to misinform. We express regret for this and we’veeliminated the picture.”

This isn’t always the first time that a advertising team has had this brilliant idea — Nokia used “simulated”pictures to reveal off its PureView cameras returned inside the day. As one commenter pointed out, but, the least Huawei ought to‘ve carried out was use a professional digicam from its branding accomplice, Leica — we pay attention they’re quite suitable.