Holi 2018: 7 Innovative Gujiya Filling Ideas To Take Your Gujiya Game To The Next Level!

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Holi celebrations sans the presence of our very own deep-fried Indian pastry- the gujiya– is quite unheard of. Gujiya extremists might just claim that gujiya has been declared the best sweet of the world by UNESCO! The Holi special sweet has many variations in different states of the country, like the karanji in Maharashtra and the Nevri in Goa. The main difference in the recipes of these variants is the ingredients used in preparing the filling. For example, the Goan nevri is stuffed with coconut and jaggery, setting it apart from its North Indian cousin that is usually stuffed with mawa or khoya and a number of spices and dried fruits.

The filling is the star of the dish. Your gujiya is only as decadent as its filling. So this year on Holi 2018, you must try and make your gujiya fillings more innovative. Also Read: 4 Traditional Holi Sweets and Snacks That Could Be Adulterated

Here are some quirky gujiya fillings you can try out on Holi 2018:

1. Rabdi Filling


The mere thought of filling in deep-fried gujiyas with sweet rabdi is infinitely mouth-watering. Rabdi is made by cooking milk till it’s reduced to half and thickened. You can mix it with khoya to make it more binding and add cardamom or elaichi as well as powdered nuts and dried fruits. This filling will win the hearts of your guests like nothing else will.

2. Gulkand or Rose Petal Filling


Gulkand is a regular feature in mukhwas like paan and is added to a number of Indian desserts to add the heady rose flavor to them. Add gulkand to your gujiya filling to give it a beautiful and flavorful twist.


3. Dark Chocolate Filling


Dark chocolate is one of the most versatile sweet additions for desserts. It can amp up your gujiya game to a great extent. Add a bit of melted baking dark chocolate to your filling to give it a bittersweet twist. This is meant especially for people who like their desserts to have a more balanced sweetness.


4. White Chocolate Filling


On the other hand, if you want to go all-out and don’t want to compromise on the sweetness, white chocolate is a great addition to your gujiya filling. Since it’s made up of mainly milk solids, it will fit right in with the other ingredients of your gujiya filling.

5. Crumbled Boondi Filling


Sweet boondi is another amazing addition for your filling, if you want to go all-out and make your gujiyas extra sweet and extra rich. Since boondi is fried and so is the outer crispy covering of the gujiya, you may not need to coat it in syrup. You boondi gujiya will be crispy and crunchy on the outside and gooey, sweet and soft in the middle. We can already hear all the boondi ka laddoo lovers going, ‘Yaaaaas’ after reading about this! Also Read: Holi Special: Gujiya, the Most Favourite Indian Festive Sweet


6. Apple Filling


Give a healthy twist to your gujiya by filling it up with chopped apples along with the usual spices and khoya. Apples are sweet and tasty and hence, allow you to sneak in more nutrients in your preparation. You can replace apples with pineapples or pears as well.


7. Figs or Anjeer Filling


Fig or anjeer is another fruit that feels right at home in most desserts. Anjeer is also a storehouse of calcium and can make your gujiya more nutritious.


You can experiment with your gujiya filling and mix and match two or more of the above mentioned ingredients. For example, coconut apples or pineapples go very well with dark chocolate as well. There’s really no limit to the various types of fillings you can come up with. All you need is a voracious appetite for sweets and a pinch of creativity.

Have a sweet and happy Holi 2018!