High Tech Entrepreneurs, Take Note of This New Heart Device (Watch)

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How do you treat a failing heart? That’s a complicated question, and one that doctors and scientists have worked tirelessly to answer for years. But a new innovation takes a unique approach that actually makes a lot of sense — mimicking an actual working human heart.

The robotic device actually wraps around the human heart and then uses air pressure to mimic the squeezing motion that the heart makes naturally. So then if a cardiac arrest occurs, the robot can keep going and theoretically keep the heart pumping. Early tests on animals showed positive results, though the device hasn’t been adopted widely with human users yet.

With all of the tech innovations that businesses are working on today, there are plenty that are actually made to mimic things found in the real world. There are robots that vacuum, take photos and even answer questions using human language.

Real World Provides Plenty of Product Design Inspiration

Of course, there’s a lot that goes into making those products. But it’s also important for tech innovators to remember the actual purpose of what they’re creating. And sometimes, that means you need to go back to the source for product design inspiration. Remember this even when innovating in your own small business.

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