Here’s Why Your Dubai Trip Is Incomplete Without a Visit to Expo 2020 Dubai!

So What is Expo 2020?

Delayed by a year due to the pandemic, Expo 2020 has brought 192 countries from all around the world to showcase their technological advancement, solutions to global challenges, cultural displays and more! The exhibition started on 1st October 2021 and would end on 31st March 2022. The event is taking place on a 438-hectare landscape in Dubai Exhibition Centre around the themes – mobility, sustainability, and opportunity.


 At Expo 2020, you can learn what humanity can do together and feel inspired by the marvellous architecture, jaw-dropping technology and the magical energy of live performances. And yes, children below 18 can enter for free! But there are more reasons why you should get an entry pass for yourself ASAP!

Highlights of Expo 2020 Dubai

A larger-than-life event with thousands of experiences that unite different countries and cultures is something you should not miss! At Expo 2020, each country pavilion is based on one of the three themes. The pavilions offer immersive cultural experiences, architectural marvels, business opportunities and an opportunity to channel your creativity.

Country Pavilions

From a visually stunning SpaceX rocket at USA’s pavilion to a unique mix of classical and acoustic music at the German pavilion, Expo 2020 is an experience of a lifetime! The Indian pavilion highlights the 75 years of the nation’s Independence while the Singapore pavilion offers a glimpse of what a city in sync with nature can look like. If you want to see what a temporary biotope is like then do not miss the Netherlands pavilion especially if you are with children. It cannot get more diverse than that!

Cutting Edge Innovation and Technology

Expo 2020 Dubai is a haven for anyone who enjoys innovation and technology. Visit the UK pavilion to get a hands-on experience with artificial intelligence. Yes, you can add your voice to a collective message generated by AI! Take a flight to the futuristic world of air travel at the ultramodern Emirates pavilion, which will allow you to experience how commercial flights will be in 2071! The daily light shows at the pavilion of France and the audio-visual experience with nature at the Latvian pavilion are mind-blowing experiences too. And not to forget, the Republic of Korea pavilion has a dynamic facade that changes throughout the day. Excited yet?

Events & Entertainment

Expo 2020 is a world full of entertainment. Watch the multilingual Emirati Al Wasl Opera that highlights a culture as old as 1000 years. At the garden of Al Wasl Plaza, enjoy a show that makes you see illuminated creatures and a variety of native flora and fauna. You must have read about an extinct bird, Dodo. At the Maldives pavilion, you can admire its full-size display and learn about the culture of the island with the help of foot-tapping music and dance performances! You can even interact with people from diverse cultures at the Polish Table at the pavilion of Poland.

Culinary Experiences

At Expo 2020, you can indulge in flavours from all over the world! The plant-based delicacies at the Sustainability Hub and dishes prepared by renowned African chefs at Alkebulan will be a delight for the foodie in you. Ever dreamt of asking a robot to prepare food for you? If yes, then your dream will come true at Expo 2020 Dubai’s Talabat Kitchen where the kitchen staff comprises just robots! Save space for some Luxembourgish fusion food at Schengen Lounge restaurant at Luxembourg pavilion. Wonderful things happen when two distinct cultures come together. Treat yourself to the festival of tastes with a fusion of Japanese and Emirati cuisines at the Japanese pavilion.

That’s just a glimpse of all the incredible things that are waiting for you at Expo 2020 Dubai! Book your tickets today for the extraordinary global event before it’s too late.