Most Helpful EaseUS Data Recovery Program

What is data recovery?

The salvaging of data that is stored on damaged media, such as a magnetic disk or tape. There are a number of different software products are available for data recovery. These data recovery software can help users to recover data damaged by a disk crash or virus. These softwares will help the people to recover or restore their missed data in several situations. The user can recover their data back to their system by using this recovery software.

Reasons for using EaseUS recovery suite

There are many special features are available with this EaseUS data recovery software. The important feature is the Preview and Recover files.

  • Users can preview their data before they are going to recover it.
  • This preview feature will help users to recover needed files only by eliminating unwanted files
  • Once the user will scan the system for the lost data, the scan result is divided into three sections.
  • The left section of the scan result shows a list of directories
  • The middle sections of the scan result show all the files and the folders under the folder which is selected on the left side.
  • This contains additional information along with the data such as the date and the type
  • The window at the right side will display a list of thumbnails and information for the files which is selected in the middle window.
  • In that, the user will provide a Preview option to preview some of the files
  • Once the user has previewed the files, they can select the targeted files and click on the Recover button
  • Now their files will be restored to their device


EaseUS free data recovery software helps users to recover their hard drive data in the easiest way. The users can use this software in their systems and can recover their files and data without any strain or any services needed. This EaseUS data recovery suite will recover the data in the hard drives and reassembles the lost files which are deleted accidentally or inaccessible due to a crashed hard drive or a system.

While rescuing the lost files, users have to be aware of the restoring location where they are saving the restoring data. The user did not store the data in the same place where the data loss happens. This may cause the data overwritten. There is a general report is generated at the end of the scanning process. This report contains the information about what type of file is recovered in this recovering process. This will help users to rescue only the files they need by avoiding unwanted files.

This software first selects the type of data. The data which is lost may be any kind of data such as a file, an audio or any other data. In this software, the common file format is classified into 6 categories. They are Graphic, Audio, Document, Email, Video, and Other. The user has to choose the type of data they want to restore. This software suits best for any kind of recovery process.