This Halwa Paratha Is Tucked In The By Lanes Of Nizamuddin

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This one’s for all the paratha lovers out there. If you’re bored of having those regular aloo and gobhi stuffed parathas, and wish to try something new and exotic, then try your hands on this halwa paratha. Halwa paratha is an interesting combination of sweet and savoury flavours, all in one go. It is a welcome variation amidst those regular stuffed parathas. Tucked in the by lanes of Nizamuddin is a small shop that dishes out this incredible combination of halwa and paratha. As you enter the main Nizamuddin gali, you’d find an old-bearded man drawing you towards these halwa parathas. This deep-fried delight is not only a treat to the palate, but to the eyes as well. This rich and colourful delicacy is quite filling and is humbly priced at Rs. 30 for a quarter kilo. However, if wish to savour this delight, then you’d have to wait for few months, as it is only available during the holy month of Ramzaan.
How Is It Made?

The paratha that is prepared here is quite different from the usual ones. The whole process of rolling out this huge flat bread takes at least three to four people. It is approximately 2 ft. in diameter and is prepared using maida. The dough for the paratha is loosely kneaded and eventually rolled out on a large greased wooden base. The cooking process involves deep frying; hence, small holes are made in the paratha to ensure that it does not bloat during the frying process. The paratha is then transferred in a huge kadhai for deep frying. This scrumptious delight is paired with sweet halwa, which is prepared with sooji,dry fruits, sugar and ghee. The garnishing of coconut makes this dish even more delicious. The full paratha with halwa is priced at Rs. 150; however, if you wish to have a single serving then it is just for Rs 30. The single serving would include a portion of paratha, which is of the size of a large pizza slice. Therefore, it is sure to satiate your hunger and cravings for long!


Numaish is an annual exhibition fest, which takes place in Aligarh. Halwa paratha is a trademark dish of the one-month long festival, and makes a special appearance during this time. It begins in the last week of January and usually lasts for a month.


So, the next time you’re in Nizamuddin around the holy month of Ramzaan, do get your hands on this scrumptious delight!