How Foreo’s National Beauty Educator Kate Block Keeps Her Skin Glowing While Traveling

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Kate Block of Foreo


Kate Block is the National Beauty Educator for beauty tech brand Foreo. As someone who handles internal trainings and customer demos for the brand from coast to coast, she is frequently on the road between destination spas and major retailers. Block is normally on the road nearly 50% of the month, and as the education lead for over 3000 North American retailers, has to keep her skin glowing to inspire those she is training on Foreo’s products. Below is how she stays looking bright and energized across time zones and travel days.


Kate’s inflight ritual starts at home before she leaves for the airport. She says she likes to “clean my face really well before leaving home, then not putt on any makeup before the flight. The nature of traveling is so irritating on its own, I don’t want to add anything else. And even though I am prone to breakouts I try to lather my face in hydration before I head out, to protect against the dry airplane air.

In terms of product hydration, before I leave home I’ll use our smart mask device called UFO, which is a making device that hyperinfuses whichever mask you choose into the skin in just 90 seconds. For preflight, I pair the UFO with our H2Overdose mask, which comes in packs of six. It’s such a quick hydration fix, because I know I never have twenty minutes to parade around the house with a mask before I have to head onto a plane. I like to think of this particular mask as a little black dress. It’s something I feel that everyone needs in their ‘skincare wardrobe’ as it’s so hydrating and helps the skin retain water. You scan the mask and then on your phone it will tell you how to glide it across your face as it activates various technologies, including thermo-therapy for opening the pores, t-sonic pulsations to drive the ingredients deep and LED light therapy.

Foreo is the only company that is infusing the ingredients into the skin at the same time as the light therapy is stimulating it via red light and skin brightening via green light. A third light, blue, is used in other masks to kill bacteria, but not this hydration-focused one. Once I complete my UFO treatment, I finish patting in the product with my fingers and then layer on Natura Bisse’s Diamond Cocoon Ultra Rich Cream. This is my current favorite, and a little goes a long way. Last thing I do before I head out is to make sure I have my bkr bottle or S’well which I will refill once I get through security.

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Foreo’s suite of beauty tech products



Kate shares that, “Once I’m on the place, I first sanitize everything around me. I spray the Touchland hand sanitizer in unscented or tangerine on my devices and the tray table and my hands. Then, because my manicurist always tells me how dry my hands are, I will put on some lip balm and hand cream that I have in my purse. When beverages are being served, I will grab a hot water and mix in some BYO matcha. I’m a matcha-holic! Then about thirty minutes before we land, I’ll apply some hydrating eye patches from Patchology or Melt Cosmetics. I’ve tried putting them on for the whole flight before, but the cabin air is so dry that I end up feeling like I’m pulling a sticker off of my face by the end. So I find that thirty minutes is plenty. Then I’ll put in some eye drops from Rohto so that I look a little more awake, no matter what time it is. Once we land, and I grab my back off of the carousel (yes, as a woman who works in beauty I do check a bag) I’ll get my makeup bag out and apply it in the car. Sometimes, if I have an extra few seconds – literally thirty seconds to a minute, I will use our Iris treatment which pushes in your eye cream deeper. It stimulates lymphatic drainage, like the stone gua sha tools but with t-sonic pulsations so it does so much more. It also relaxes all of the muscles in your surrounding ocular region.”

On the ground

Once on the ground, Kate says that, “I love to travel for work but sleep can be hard on the road. It is very important to me for self-care and for looking alive. So I do my best to get eight to nine hours in, and for a little extra help sometimes I’ll use the Klova transdermal melatonin patch. You know how I feel about matcha, so on mornings when I can, I’ll try to get in a caffeine and antioxidant fix in with a cafe visit for a matcha latte.”