Food joints to explore this weekend

1. For the perfect weekend dose of food

For the perfect weekend dose of food

After a week-long rush at work and struggle with traffic, here comes the weekend. And the best way to utilise the weekend is to eat well, relax and follow your passion. And if food is your passion, then this list will definitely cheer up your mood. From take-away joints to sprawling restaurants, the list includes everything that a true foodie can ask for a tasteful weekend. Start exploring and have a scrumptious weekend.

2. Cafe, Hyatt Regency, Delhi

Cafe, Hyatt Regency, Delhi
If you are looking for an amalgamation of Indian and Continental food, this is perhaps one of those places you should be, this weekend. Try their Sunday Brunch which is a lavish spread of over 300 dishes! From Chuski and Golgappa to Mezze Platter and from Biryani to Pasta, you name a dish and you will find it here. Sunday Brunch of Cafe is a complete gastronomical delight and no foodie should miss it!

3. Theos, sector 41, Noida

Theos, sector 41, Noida

Every meal is incomplete without an indulgent dessert. Especially, when it’s a weekend and you just want to delve into something truly amazing, then this is the place to visit! A galore of exotic desserts, cookies and lip-smacking savouries, Theos has everything spread under one roof.

A heaven for dessert lover, this place has everything to satiate the foodie within you. The best thing about this place is that you can spend some great time and indulge into some sinfully indulgent cakes, perfectly baked cookies, coffee and brownies. Subtle seating arrangements, soulful music, beautiful facades and eye-grabbing interiors make this a must-visit. Their sinful Belgian chocolates are something to die for! What’s more, you can also enjoy some delicious oreo and red velvet brownies, which are truly a culinary masterpiece. In fact, there’s a great new for dessert lovers, Theos is coming up with a new outlet and is all set to introduce a whole new range of drool worthy delicacies.

4. 501 Kitchen

501 Kitchen

Weekends call for some leisure time with friends and family, and the experience is incomplete without some delicious snacks and indulgent meal. If Indian food is your favourite, and you just don’t feel like experimenting with anything new, then this newly launched food joint has everything to woo the foodie within you. From smoky starters to lip-smacking curries, 501 Kitchen has a plethora of delicacies to choose from. The food delivery chain has a galore of dishes from a variety of cuisines like Punjabi and Awadhi, this new entrant will spoil you for choices. So, here’s what you must try: Handi chicken, Paneer lababdar, Dal makhani, Kastoori methi chicken and Lahori chicken. They also have some smoky delights, which are grilled to perfection and seasoned with authentic spices like Banjara tikka, Mast-e-tikka, Tangdi kebab to name a few. The best thing about this place is that the portions of the dishes will make you happy and the taste will leave you craving for more. So, try these amazing delicacies and enjoy your weekends.

5. Mother India, Connaught Place, Delhi

Mother India, Connaught Place, Delhi
In the heart of Connaught Place, this restaurant looks quaint and inviting with its retro decor and old world charm. The first question that would pop-up in the mind of anyone who is interested in decor is, who has done the interiors of this place? The food here is wholesome and satiating. While the menu focuses on the most sought-after Indian dishes through the length and breadth of the country, our suggestion is, each time you visit this place, stick to one cuisine. From Undhio to Daab Chingri, the menu here is quite ambitious and may leave you confused if you experiment across cuisines!

6. Off the hook by Desee Dakshin, The Great India Place, Noida

Off the hook by Desee Dakshin, The Great India Place, Noida
A wise man once said, “I’m on a seafood diet, I eat everything I see.” When you’re at ‘Off The Hook by Desee Dakshin’, this isn’t just a quote. This 25 seater restaurant at The Great India Place, Noida was started 3 weeks ago and is famous for its traditional recipes and spices from the Konkan region. Western music suits the coastal ambience. The menu is simple with seafood being the cynosure and Sol Kadhi, Crab Butter Garlic and Prawn Ghee Roast are must-have items. Although the restaurant primarily caters to seafood lovers, the menu does offer North Indian and vegetarian dishes in order to serve all.

7. I Sacked Newton, Logix City Centre, Noida

I Sacked Newton, Logix City Centre, Noida
Just like its name, this multi-cuisine bar and kitchen nestled in the Logic City Centre Mall, Noida has a unique blend of drinks that are worth a try. What we really loved here is Beer Rita, a creative presentation of vodka, kala khatta, lime juice, chaat masala and beer in a boot-style jar. Also, the baked veg lasagna, and lamb and chicken lasagna came to our rescue as the main course followed by a red-velvet dessert delight. So, if you are looking for a wholesome experience in closed or fresh-air ambience, then this European-decor inspired place with 340 seating capacity is just for you.

8. China Wall, Greater Noida

China Wall, Greater Noida

There’s nothing better than a hot and spicy noodle bowl served with fiery chili chicken and crispy manchurian balls. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, that’s the awesomeness of pan-asian cuisine, which can lure any food lover. If you too are a fan of Asian food, then we have recently discovered this amazing new place, which serves some lip-smacking food at pocket-friendly prices. Located in Greater Noida, this promising entrant has something to suit every palate preference. What’s more, if you are fond of spicy wok fried chicken and pan fried noodles, then this is the place to try. From amazingly delicious Thai Green curry to meaty fried rice, the food here is simply drool worthy. So, here’s what you must try: Spicy corn chaat, Thai red curry, Chicken hakka noodles and chilli chicken dry.

9. You Mee, Greater Kailash II, Delhi

You Mee, Greater Kailash II, Delhi

The weekend certainly calls for a celebration, and the best way to do so is by enjoying your favourite food, music and amazing hospitality. Well, this Japanese fine dine has everything to make your weekend experience even better. YouMee located in Greater Kailash II market, is a perfect place for Japanese food lovers.

If you are someone who has a thing for pan-asian cuisine and a hearty bowl of soupy noodles or a sushi platter is your type of comfort food, then visiting this place should be on your wishlist! With a subtle eye-grabbing ambiance, great music and good food, Youmee is definitely a must visit place in South Delhi. Their summer menu has a lot of amazing delicacies. Here’s what you must try: Spicy Robatta, Chicken Ramen bowl with veggies, eggs and perfectly cooked chicken and last but not the list their sushis’ are a must try. And to balance out the spice quotient they have a choice of exotic drinks to beat the heat. Well that’s not all you can indulge in your favourite sweet delicacies as well. So, to explore more, drop by and enjoy!

10. Biryani by Kilo, Noida

Biryani by Kilo, Noida

What if you are planning to stay at home this weekend and still want to have delectable food? Biryani by Kilo comes at the rescue of those who want authentic, traditional food right at their doorstep. With more than 10 outlets across Delhi/NCR, they have become the giants of Mughlai Food. The best part is, they send you the ‘deg’ or the earthen pot they use to cook the biryani. They specialize in Hyderabadi and Lucknawi Biryani, both of which have authentic regional flavours. The Paneer Pasanda has a subtle aroma of saffron and their Gilawati Kebabs, both veg and non-veg have mild flavour of spices which does not overpower the taste of the veggies and meat. The Chicken 65 is crispy and yummy and their Matka Phirni is creamy and a delight to the palate! They also provide a small earthen warmer to keep the biryani hot!

11. Reader’s Cafe, Indirapuram Habitat Centre

Reader's Cafe, Indirapuram Habitat Centre
Who doesn’t want to spend quality time reading their favourite book over a hot cup of coffee! The Reader’s Cafe is one such place! The menu consists of a wide variety of Continental dishes. The presentation of food is quite inviting and for those who derive comfort by digging into pizzas and having a bowl of delicious pasta, this is the best place to go. It also has an impressive list of shakes and juices and diet food.