five great Lassi Recipes: The Creamy summer season Cooler from Punjab

5 Best Lassi Recipes: The Creamy Summer Cooler from Punjab

The pleasure and pleasure of Punjabi cuisine – the amazing Patiala-peg lassi, might be one of the mostloved liquids for the duration of the sweltering Indian summer time. clean and creamy, the yoghurt-basedrefreshment , historically served in earthen pots known as matkas, has incredible powers that could cool you instantly, and is probably the cause why even in Ayurveda , it’s miles considered to be a terrificsummer season cooler.

regularly touted because the oldest smoothie inside the international, it flocks the streets and eateries notjust in Northern India, but throughout the subcontinent in the course of the hot season. A sip of the candydrink, crowned with a generous dollop of clotted cream, is difficult to resist, as you indulge until theclosing drop. even though its origin is credited to the Punjab, in which milk is an vital function of theeating regimen, variations of the drink are also seen in Rajasthan, Gujarat and the Sindh region of Pakistan.

within the olden instances, yoghurt turned into typically saved in earthen pots and saved cool, whichchanged into later stirred with water and sugar to make a fresh glass of lassi. In maximum householdswithin the North, it is still a commonplace fixture in the course of lunch, in which it’s miles relished in tall brassware glasses. even as the sweet lassi garners more attention, the salty version has its very ownfan following too. Shake up yoghurt and water along side a pinch of rock salt, sparkling mint leaves or evenspices like cumin seeds and it’s a winner.


As for folks who want to test, there are endless ingredientsfruits, spices and herbs – that you canupload to the traditional lassi to present it a scrumptious makeover. The mango lassi, surely, is the mostloved summer time combo, but you could also play around with avocado, banana, papaya, berries, or even chocolate to lend in a few richness. in case you need to spice things up a little, open your kitchencabinet and upload in black salt, chaat masala, pink chilli powder, garam masala, kesar, cinnamon or cardamom, in conjunction with sparkling herbs like coriander, mint, or even basil. For vegans too, just get hold of soy yoghurt and have fun this summer by using shaking up a clean glass of lassi with yourfavored flavour boosters. Why should you omit out?

here are our 5 high-quality lassi recipes which are guaranteed to emerge as your preferred coolers this season. Ridiculously easy to shake up, pass on, and drink up!

1. conventional Lassi
Recipe by using Chef Kishore D Reddy

not anything like a calming glass of lassi to quiet down on a warm summer season day! This classicrecipe is ridiculously clean to stir up at domestic. For the recipe, click on here.

conventional lassi

2. Mint Lassi
Recipe through Chef Roopa Gulati

This popular summer season cooler receives a boost with fresh mint including in some zing. For the recipe, click right here.

mint lassi

three. Avocado Lassi
Recipe via Chef Kunal Kapur

The lassi receives smoother and creamier with avocado or butter fruit mixing deliciously into it. This recipe issure to be successful! For the recipe, click on here.

avocado lassi

4. Banana Walnut Lassi
Recipe by Chef Aditya Bal and Devanshi

supply the traditional lassi a vitamins increase with this becoming recipe which makes use of the goodness of banana and walnuts. For the recipe, click right here.

banana lassi

five. Mango Lassi
Recipe by means of Chef Roopa Gulati

A flavourful take on the best old lassi – creamy yoghurt and pulpy mango jumbled together with hundredsof ice. For the recipe, click here.

mango lassi

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