FitDesk Pedal Desk Turns Sedentary Computer Work Into A Healthy Exercise Option

Nashville, Tennessee (Press Release  – December 20, 2011) – It’s a unique product that combines two seemingly polar opposite activities – exercise & computer work – into one productive and efficient activity. The FitDesk Pedal Desk is an innovative product that allows a person to exercise comfortably on a stationary bike while using a laptop computer or playing a video game.

The FitDesk Pedal Desk is the healthy companion to the laptop, helping users build strength, stamina and lose weight. It sports a uniquely designed firm grip desktop attached to a high-quality stationary bike. The creatively-crafted Pedal Desk top allows for comfortable hands-free stationary bike use, provides a convenient arm rest for upper body support,and offers a specially-designed seat for optimum comfort.

“My invention came to me when I was preparing to ride my bicycle 100 miles as part of a leukemia fund-raiser,” says FitDesk inventor Steve Ferrusi. “With the event date coming closer every week I was not getting in many rides. However I was spending lots of time on my new computer planning business ideas, reading emails, etc… then I had my invention AHA! moment and the Fit Desk Pedal Desk was born.”

The FitDesk is compact and simple to store when not in use in any home, officer or dorm room. The collapsible-bike design makes it easy to fold and put away.

The patent-pending FitDesk sells for $229.99 and is available at:

The company also offers the FitDesk PRO which adapts and attaches to any bike handlebars for those who already have an indoor bike trainer or stationary bike. $79.95 at