This Crispy Japani Samosa Is Chandni Chowk’s Hidden Gem

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Tired of having those regular potato-filled samosas? Why not try some Japani samosa? Yes, you read that right! Tucked in the by lanes of Chandni Chowk is Manohar Dhaba that dishes out these exotic and lip-smacking Japani samosas. This dhaba was set up in 1949, and ever since then, it is serving people with incredibly delicious food. As quirky as it may sound, this delicacy is loved by locals and people across Delhi NCR.

Delhi is known as a treasure trove of delicious food, and when it comes to Chandni Chowk, it stands out to be the best of the entire lot – especially in terms of variety, taste and flavours. Japani samosa is one delight that can only be found in Chandni Chowk. So, if you wish to savour the same, then a visit to Chandni Chowk is an absolute must!

How Is It Made?

This in-house specialty is almost like a normal samosa; however, it is made with filo pastry. This multi-layered delight has a total of 60 layers, 30 on each side, and is stuffed with a filling of potatoes, peas and mild spices. These spices tend to seep through the crispy layers, making it taste even more delicious. This puff-pastry has a flaky casing, which resembles patties to a great extent. Japani samosa is served with piping hot chickpea curry and sweet yellow chutney. The chutney is prepared using bottle gourd and mango. What makes Japani samosa different from the others is its flaky texture, which keeps it crispy for a much longer time.

Japani samosa is an interesting combination of Indian and Japanese culinary fare. It is a welcome variation amidst those regular tea-time snacks like regular samosas and bread pakoras. Pair it with a cup of hot tea or coffee, and you’re done for the day. When it comes to the texture of the same, the layers are extremely fine and crisp. One plate of this culinary delight is enough to satiate your hunger. What works the best for this samosa is its potato filling, which is mild and well-complemented with chickpea curry. If you’re a spice junkie, who loves to gorge on spicy stuff, then this chickpea curry is apt for you.


Now, that you know about this quirky samosa, head to this dhaba and give it a try! Don’t forget to pair it with the ever-so-delicious chickpea curry!