Can Blood Group Predict Your Risk of Getting a Heart Attack?

Can Blood Group Predict Your Risk of Getting a Heart Attack?














When experts from Netherlands studied close to 13 lakh participants, the result of their analysis was astounding. The team was able draw a pattern between the blood group of participants and their susceptibility to coronary events. It was found that people other than O as their blood group were more susceptible to suffering a heart attack. The participants were sourced from 11 cohorts described in none research studies. Researchers found that the odds ratio (OR) for all coronary events was significantly higher in carriers of a non-O blood group.


“We demonstrate that having a non-O blood group is associated with a 9 percent increased risk of coronary events and a 9 per cent increased risk of cardiovascular events, especially heart attack,” Tessa Kole, University Medical Centre Groningen, Netherlands; reported by PTI.


People with non-O blood group, specifically those with an A blood group may tend to suffer from higher cholesterol levels. A certain protein called Galectin-3 protein is also higher in those with a non-O blood group. Galectin-3 is often linked to inflammation and worse outcomes in heart failure patients. Experts also believed that the incident of cardiovascular events in people with non-O blood group may also be due to a blood clotting protein also known as Willevrand factor.

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“Blood group should be considered in risk assessment for cardiovascular prevention, together with cholesterol, age, sex and systolic blood pressure,” Kole said.


The OR for combined cardiovascular events was significantly higher in non-O blood group carriers. The analysis of fatal coronary events did not show a significant difference between people with O and non-O blood groups, researchers said.