BuzzFeed’s Newest Web Series Is ‘Mythbusters’ For The Beauty World

BuzzFeed is putting the magic of Disney to the test. Some of the most fanciful moments from Mouse House films will be examined in Bogus Beauty, a new series that brings the Mythbusters approach to the world of beauty.

In each episode of Bogus Beauty, hosts Chrissy Mahlmeister and Selorm Kploanyi tackle a specific idea propagated by a Disney film. For example, can you actually pull someone up into the air using your hair, as Rapunzel does in the Disney flick Tangled? In the first installment of Bogus Beauty, Mahlmeister and Kploanyi find that feat to be harder than it looks.

The conceit that would become Bogus Beauty began with a January 2018 video, in which Mahlmeister attempted to cut her hair off with a sword, Mulan style. Since then, five more episodes have been produced; they will be available on the As/Is channel, which boasts nearly 10 million subscribers. That hub is also the home to another new series, the reality competition show Feed Famous, which premiered in May.