Apple Reportedly Working on AR/ VR Wireless Headset With Dual 8K Displays

Apple Reportedly Working on AR/ VR Wireless Headset With Dual 8K Displays


  • The headset will reportedly use in-house chips
  • It will take on the likes of Oculus, Vive, and HoloLens
  • ARKit was announced at WWDC 2017

Apple, the world’s most valued corporation, reportedly has plans to launch an AR (Augmented Reality)/ VR (Virtual Reality) compatible wireless headset in 2020. Rumoured to sport dual 8K displays and powerful in-house chips, the headset will expectedly take on the likes of Oculus VR, HTC Vive, and Microsoft’s HoloLens. Codenamed T288, the project is said to be in the early stages and could be cancelled or altered anytime before launch.

CEO Tim Cook has time and again emphasised the company’s focus on augmented reality as a major project, reports CNET. The report goes on to state that the headset might be Apple’s next big thing as it looks to garner revenue from sources other than the iPhone in a slowing mobile market.

The wireless headset will reportedly connect to a dedicated “box” with the help of a short-range, high-speed wireless technology, as per sources familiar with the development. A powerful in-house chip – with a 5-nanometer processor – will be at the core of this box, allowing for high-speed and efficient performance with the headset. The headset will also come equipped with several fitted cameras that will actively monitor the surroundings. No separate devices; everything would be built into the box, according to the report.

Citing a study by CCS Insight, the report claims that over 22 million units of VR and AR headsets are expected to be sold in 2018, with the number rising five times to over 120 million in 2022. In monetary terms, the market could be worth around $10 billion in 2022.

Apple, at WWDC 2017, had made its first major public announcement around AR in the form of ARKit, an SDK to incorporate AR-based games and productivity apps on iOS. With the evident push towards AR and VR, Apple might be looking to gain some ground in a market that has failed to excite consumers up until now.