9 ways to use lettuce other than in salads

1. Interesting lettuce recipes

Interesting lettuce recipes

Think of lettuce leaves and the first thing that comes to mind is-‘salad’. But come on, don’t you think the fresh green leaves deserve more in terms of identity than just a boring plate of salad? Well, we think they do, and that’s why we decided to share some interesting and tempting variations of lettuce leaves that you won’t be able to ignore. From sinful wraps to cheesy cups, the healthy leaves have turned unhealthy to suit your taste buds and trust us, they are worth experimentation. Let’s get started.

2. Wrap

How about using fresh green lettuce as the wrap base and then fill it with some minced chicken or tofu and garnish with cream, chilli flakes and oregano? Isn’t it tempting?

3. Lettuce cups

Lettuce cups
Braised lettuce leaves easily absorb other flavours. Use the trick and make some interesting lettuce cups flavoured with tomato salsa, boiled beans, parsley, and peanuts, topped with fresh cream and grated cheese.

4. Spring roll

Spring roll
Looking for a healthy version of spring roll? Try the innovative version with a layer of fresh lettuce. This might not accentuate the flavour of the dish, but it will definitely contribute to the nutritional content and enhance the freshness, texture and color of the rolls.

5. Sautéed

Sautéed lettuce is soft on the edges and juicy inside. This combination is best suited for side dishes made with par-boiled veggies and macaroni. All you need to do is to drizzle some fresh cream on it to make it more tempting.

6. Soup

You must have tried tomato, sweet corn, pumpkin and pumpkin soup, but how about something that is way lighter than all these? Yes, there is one soup that can beat them all and that is– lettuce soup. It is refreshing, colourful and has a mildly sweet aftertaste that will surely give you a nutritious punch on the gloomy days.

7. Juice/Smoothie

The best part of lettuce is the mild taste that makes it apt for all sorts of dishes. You can use it in mix veg juice to add some freshness and it also goes well with smoothies.

8. Grilled lettuce platter

Grilled lettuce platter
Forget chicken and grill a big head of lettuce, add some hint of lemon juice to it and then layer it with soft cheese, pomegranate, and beetroot. Your interesting grilled lettuce platter is ready for the house party.

9. Sauce

Forget tomato and chilli sauce, and try the healthy version of sauce made with fresh lettuce and dried herb. You can use it as a topping for semolina pasta or even as a dressing for bruschetta or sandwich. Give it a try!

10. Rice or noodle bowl

Rice or noodle bowl
We all love rice or noodle bowl loaded with beans, broccoli and beet, as it is a good balance of protein, starch and flavors. For a change, add some freshly chopped lettuce, as it is light and readily absorb dressings and sauces. Trust us; it’s gonna be an easy way to boost the nutritional content of the one-bowl-meal.