7 comfort foods that are great stress busters!

1. It’s all about good food and good mood!

It’s all about good food and good mood!

What’s your concept of comfort food? Something easy or something exotic or binge-worthy? The definition of Comfort food is different for every individual; For some it is a nostalgic connection, and for some it’s just a dose of happiness, when they feel low! Interestingly, every country boasts of a unique comfort food which is an absolute delight for taste buds.Here are 7 most mouthwatering comfort foods around the world that will surely make you drool over the awesomeness of these exotic delicacies! After all, good food and good mood go hand-in-hand!

2. Moussaka


Much like Greek culture their food boasts of their rich culinary heritage and Moussaka stands as a perfect example of their legacy. What makes this Mediterranean delicacy an awesome comfort food is the use of spices and condiments like Bechamel sauce. Moussaka is prepared with ground beef or lamb, cooked to perfection with onions, tomatoes, garlic and layered with eggplant or potatoes. It is undeniably one of the most exotic recipes to indulge in!

3. Jerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken

This Jamaican Chicken is an absolute delight for people who love spicy food. What makes Jamaican Jerk Chicken top the list of comfort foods around the world is its spicy marinade made with fiery Scotch bonnet peppers. Char-grilled to perfection and seasoned with spices, makes this chicken a perfect comfort food to devour!

4. Poutine


Canada is famous for its snow-clad mountains, maple and culinary heritage! If you thought that was all, then,you might be missing out on one of the most interesting things that is ‘Poutine’.Another delicious and indulgent comfort food, which will make you forget all your stress in just one bite. After all who doesn’t love potatoes that too when they are cheesy and meaty!

5. Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash

Last but not the least, this creamy potato delicacy is one of the most popular dish among Brits.This traditional British recipe is one of the easiest comfort foods around the world, which can be made in just a few minutes with mashed potatoes and pan-fried pork sausages. So, next time when you feel low, indulge in the scrumptious taste of this delicacy!

6. Okonomiyaki


If you happen to be a Japanese food lover, then you must have heard about this delicious recipe, which is a perfect fusion of pancakes with spiced meat. Okonomiyaki in Japanese means ‘grill it, as you like’, which goes perfectly with the true essence of this dish.This is the easiest and one of the most delicious versions of pancake that you might love to indulge in, when your mood needs a kick of happiness. Made with eggs, flour, chopped pork belly and a variety of condiments, Okonomiyaki is a wholesome and soul-satiating dish to delve in!

7. Mee Goreng

Mee Goreng

The Indonesian delicacy is a spicy treat for taste buds. Mee Goreng happens to be one of the most ordered comfort foods of Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Prepared with thin yellow noodles and stir fried with onions, garlic, tomatoes, beef, chicken and pork;This delicacy makes for a delicious as well exotic spicy delight, especially, when you want to relish something good and you feel lazy to cook an elaborate meal.

8. Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi Fried Rice

In Korea, Kimchi Fried rice is one of the most popular comfort foods. This delicacy is a perfect melange of fermented napa cabbage with spicy and tangy flavours served with the goodness of eggs. What makes this a perfect binge-worthy mid-day snack is the mix of crunchy, crispy and aromatic veggies and spices, which make it an ultimate treat for the palate.