Kylie Jenner Reveals The Easiest Way To Use Your Beauty Blender To Highlight And Contour

You’re already obsessed with your Beauty Blender for applying foundation and concealer, but did you know it’s actually perfect for highlighting and contouring, too? In a new video on herwebsite/app, Kylie Jenner and her makeup artist Hrush Achemyan show you the easiest way to do — and it takes just a few minutes.

The key to getting your highlight and contour on point is to use the tiniest sponge. The Beauty Blender Micro Mini has the perfect tiny tip to get in small places, like under your eyes. But don’t use it to apply the highlighter and bronzer, just use it to blend.

In the new vid, Hrush does this technique on Kylie. First, she applies highlight under her eyes with a concealer brush. Then, she takes a damp mini Beauty Blender and taps through the product. You want to make sure the sponge isn’t soaking wet, so you may need to roll it up in a paper towel to get all the moisture out. If your sponge is too wet, you’ll actually just remove all the product from your face.

While tapping the sponge onto your skin, make sure you don’t use a swiping motion. That will actually move the foundation around your face.

You can do the same thing with bronzer and contouring. Hrush does this with Kylie and notes that they aren’t “feeling the heavy contour anymore.”

Thanks for the tip, Kylie and Hrush.