12 railway stations that are famous for their delicious food!

1. The taste of India!

The taste of India!

One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things. And the best medium to see those things is to travel by train. What if the train journey blesses you with some impeccable and finger-licking food? Sounds interesting! Well, start packing your bags, as this piece of information will surely make you plan a trip to explore these flavours that are no less than the taste of India.

2. Chicken Cutlet, Howrah, West Bengal

Chicken Cutlet, Howrah, West Bengal
If you think this city is just known for its fish, then try the chicken cutlets easily available at the Howrah railway station. Melt in the mouth cutlets are crispy and are served with green and mustard chutney. (Image: Instagram)

3. Dal Vada, Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh

Dal Vada, Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh
Served in dry leaves pocket, these juicy vadas have a sweet aftertaste and are served right outside the railway station along with sweet and spicy chutney. (Image: Instagram)

4. Chicken Biryani, Shoranur, Kerala

Chicken Biryani, Shoranur, Kerala
According to food experts, here the chicken used is tender and juicy and the biryani has a unique flavour that uses local spices. Trust us, this is one of best street biryanis. (Image: Instagram)

5. Aloo Tikki, Tundla, UP

Aloo Tikki, Tundla, UP
To have this, you might have to struggle a lot, as trains do not stop here for long. So, are you ready for the race, to taste hot and crispy tikkis that are served with a dollop of curd, sliced onion and a lot of ground masala? (Image: Instagram)

6. Rabri, Abu Road, Rajasthan

Rabri, Abu Road, Rajasthan
While the state is known for dishes like Dal Bati Churma and Laal Maas, but Rabri at Abu Road station is a must-have. This lip-smacking dessert served in clay pot has a thick layer of nuts and is surprisingly easy on the pocket. (Image: Instagram)

7. Poha, Ratlam, MP

Poha, Ratlam, MP
Somehow, we all connect to this place (all thanks to Jab We Met). Now, you have another reason to celebrate the place with its poha topped with Ratlami Sev and raw onions. For a change, try it with crunchy jalebi that is also served right outside the station. (Image: Instagram)

8. Chole Bhature, Jalandhar, Punjab

Chole Bhature, Jalandhar, Punjab
Jalandhar is known for its authentic Punjabi food and if you have no time to explore the restaurants here, then the easiest way is to have a slice of it at the railway station in form of Chole Bhature along with Punjabi style lassi.
(Image: Instagram)

9. Vada Pav & Batata Vada, Karjat, Maharashtra

Vada Pav & Batata Vada, Karjat, Maharashtra
Nestled midway between Mumbai and Pune, Karjat station is known for its Vada Pav and Batata Vada. If you are planning to get down during the morning hours, make sure that you have enough time, as Puneites are known for having their breakfast here on weekends and even weekdays. (Image: Instagram)

10. Camel Milk Tea, Surendranagar, Gujarat

Camel Milk Tea, Surendranagar, Gujarat
When you are in Gujarat, you just can’t miss the glimpse of the camel. And what if it comes in form of your morning tea? Try the famous camel milk tea served at the Surendranagar railway station. It’s a tea with a difference.

11. Pazham Pori, Palakkad, Kerala

Pazham Pori, Palakkad, Kerala
Before you head to your exotic holiday resort, have a feel of the local food at the railway station in form of Pazham Pori (Banana Fritter) along with local filter coffee. According to travel experts, it is available in all the seasons and is served with a thick coconut chutney. (Image: Instagram)

12. Aloo Dum, Kharagpur, West Bengal

Aloo Dum, Kharagpur, West Bengal
If you are looking for a finger-licking Aloo Dum preparation, plan a breakfast at Kharagpur railway station. This place serves the spicy version of the dish, that is made with local spices and is best served with khasta puri. (Image: Instagram)

13. Kozhikode Halwa, Calicut, Kerala

Kozhikode Halwa, Calicut, Kerala
Right after visiting the temple near the railway station of Calicut, the best way to surprise your taste buds is to relish some Kozhikode Halwa. This halwa has the perfect blend of coconut, dry fruits, and local spices. (Image: Instagram)