100 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas To Attract Loyal Readers

Are you a lifestyle blogger looking for new blog post ideas to attract your target audience?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! Below I’m sharing 100 lifestyle blog post ideas you can use when you’ve got a case of writer’s block or you’re just looking for some new content ideas.

Before we get started, the term ‘lifestyle blogger’ can be a bit broad, so I wanted to define it for you…

What is a Lifestyle Blog?

woman on her blog

Being a lifestyle blogger can be defined in a few different ways.

Media Kix defines a lifestyle blog as.

This means that the content on various lifestyle blogs will never be the same.

One blogger may have a passion for food, personal growth and bullet journals, so these lifestyle blog topics will be covered. While another lifestyle blogger may love all things tea, minimalism and self care so that’s the content you’ll find.

People who follow a lifestyle blog typically get to know the blogger on a more personal level than with other blogs.

Lifestyle Blog Categories

Before we get into specific lifestyle blog topics, let’s discuss some popular content categories.

It’s important to define the blog categories you want to write about on your blog. Why?

  • So your readers will know what to expect from you
  • Writing about consistent topics gives you a better chance of showing up in search engine results, as Google will begin to see you as an authority in specific content categories
  • It’s easier to organize your content in the navigation of your website

What are some lifestyle categories you can add to your blog?

  • Personal Life
  • Health and Wellness
  • Family & Parenting
  • Personal Growth
  • Money & Frugal Living
  • Home & Garden
  • Travel
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Relationships
  • Blogging & Social Media Tips

As you can see the above categories cover a lot and there can also be a lot more to add to this depending on a lifestyle blogger’s interests.

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

100 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas to Attract Loyal Readers - fullcircledigital.ca

The blog categories above are a great starting ground to generate some lifestyle blog post ideas. I am using these broad topics to give you 100 new lifestyle content ideas you can begin to use.

Personal Life Blog Content Ideas

1. How you became a blogger

2. What you’ve learned this past year

3. Quarterly personal goals

4. Best purchases of the month – share your fave books, a cute top, a planner, etc

5. Share your word of the year – Creating your own ‘word of the year‘ has become quite popular in recent years as a way to help create intention with your life.

6. Share a personal story on how you got through a hard time or overcame an obstacle

7. Give advice to your younger self

8. Monthly or quarterly life update – New job? Recently moved? Planning a trip? Share anything new and interesting about your life that your readers will be interested in.

9. Create and share your personal bucket list

10. Share what you’re reading this month

Personal Life Content Tip: Even when you are writing personal stories or sharing personal experiences, always find ways to make the content relevant to your readers. Share something you learned that you think will benefit them or ask them to share their similar experiences.

Health and Wellness Blog Topics

11. Your nightly self care routine

12. Relaxing essential oil blends you love

13. My best hacks for a restful nights sleep

14. My 30 day clean eating challenge

15. Healthy lunches to take to work

16. Share a personal story on how you reached a health goal

17. Your daily fitness routine

18. Round up of your favourite smoothie recipes

19. Top tips to reduce stress

20. Why I switched to natural deodorant and how you can too

Family & Parenting Blog Content Ideas

21. Family dinners and meal planning printable

22. Top family traditions for [enter holiday here] … could be Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc

23. How to create the ultimate family games night

24. Mindfulness activities for kids

25. Easy lunch box ideas for your picky kids

26. Our family morning routine

27. Share a personal story about mom guilt

28. Blogger round-up of favourite family recipes

29. Chores list (and printable) for kids, by age

30. Life lessons I’ve learned from being a parent

Personal Growth Blog Topics

31. How I’m living more intentional this year

32. Tips to reach your personal goals

33. How I maintain a balanced work and life routine

34. How to stop comparing yourself to others

35. Top 10 list of feel-good activities

36. 30 day self love challenge

37. Share how you use your bullet journal for self care or productivity

38. Write a review on a personal growth book you loved

39. Top ways you practice gratitude

40. Hobbies to try this year

Money & Frugal Living Blog Post Ideas

41. How I save $xxx every month

42. Ways to spend less at the grocery store

43. Share a frugal living hack you stick to every month

44. Share how you cut back on spending to reach a big goal

45. List your top money saving apps

46. Share your best no spend activities for weekends

47. List the go-to money and personal finance blogs you love

48. How to save money at the grocery store

49. Side hustles to make extra cash from home

50. Money lessons you’ve learned the hard way

00 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas to Attract a Loyal Following - fullcircledigital.ca

Home & Garden Content Ideas

51. Creating a hygge living room

51. How to make the switch to eco-friendly cleaning products

52. Our staging tips for selling our home

53. Ways to get your home ready for spring (or any season)

54. Declutter checklist and printable

55. Easy plants for first time gardeners

56. Round up of front porch welcome mats

57. Downsizing your home and how it improves your life

58. How to declutter your kitchen fast

59. Top 10 plants for your first vegetable garden

60. How less is more & why we created a minimalist home

Travel Post Ideas

61. My travel bucket list and how to make yours

62. How I save enough money to travel 3x a year

63. Gift guide for travel junkies

64. Quotes to inspire a love of travel

65. Things to see and do in your home town

66. Tips to travel on the cheap

67. My top destination spot for solo travellers

68. Photography tips for your next trip

69. What to pack for a trip to South East Asia

70. Tips for travelling on a budget

Fashion & Beauty Blog Content

70. How to build a capsule wardrobe

71. This month’s top fashion/beauty finds

72. Share your top organic makeup brands

73. DIY face mask recipe

74. Outfit ideas for a night out with friends

75. Tips to create a ‘no makeup’ look

76. Beauty tips for dry skin

77. My top Amazon fashion finds for spring (or any season)

78. How to select the best accessories for any outfit

79. Hair accessories for those messy hair days

80. How and why to create a ‘uniform’ for work


80. Affordable date night ideas

81. Relationship or friendship bucket list

82. How to balance family and your marriage

83. How to maintain strong friendships as an adult

84. Habits of happy couples (blogger roundup)

85. Understanding your partner’s love language

86. A look back at your wedding day with photos included (reach out to the place you were married and see if you can arrange a sponsored post like I did!)

87. Share your ‘how you met’ story

88. How to communicate effectively in your relationship

89. Acts of kindness you can practice in your relationship

90. Share a relationship challenge and how you plan to get through it (or how you overcame it)

Blogging & Social Media Tips

91. How to get genuine social media followers

92. Explain how blogging changed your life

93. Monthly blogging goals and strategies

94. How to network as a blogger

95. The best blogging resources for a successful blog

96. My blogiversary – highlights from the past year

97. My preferred social media platform and why

98. How to increase your blog post shares

99. How to attract your ideal reader

100. What you have learned as a blogger

Seasonal Lifestyle Blog Content

The one main area we have not discussed is seasonal content.

This can be a big part of lifestyle blog content, to the point where I recommend you create a content calendar and start by adding all of the holidays for the year.

I’m talking about Valentines, Easter, back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas/Holidays.

Adding seasonal content to your lifestyle blog is a great way to make a great impact to your blog traffic.