10 breakfast items from around India that are a must-have

1. Must have Indian breakfast items

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Simply put, the thing about waking up early is that it’s not something anybody likes to do. That is unless we’re being offered food that we really like, rather love. A wise man once said, “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.”

Here are 10 dishes from all around India that will not only make your mouth water, they’ll also make you want to get out of bed because these dishes deserve your attention and bite!

2. Vada Pav, Mumbai

Vada Pav, Mumbai

How could we forget this one? Just like Misav Pav is famous in Pune, Vada Pav is gorged upon by every Mumbaikar or traveller when in the city. Hotels, railway stations, street vendors, restaurants – all serve Vada Pav for you to enjoy.

3. Tatte Idli, Bidadi

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An Idli 3 times the size of your normal Idli? Tatte idli translates to idli cooked in a large plate. It is served with piping hot vegetable curry and 2 kinds of chutneys. Bidadi is an ideal getaway for this delicious Idli and it undoubtedly deserves you waking up early for it.

4. Rava Idli, Bangalore

Rava Idli, Bangalore

Those who’re from Bangalore know how just the thought of Rava Idli can brighten up their day. Made with Sooji, coriander, carrot and a piece of cashew, it is served with chutney, kurma, ghee and it is an absolute delight!

5. Misal Pav, Pune

Misal Pav, Pune

On a cold, rainy day all Pune folks crave Misal Pav. It’s served all over the city, all the time but you get the best ones especially in the morning in Narayan Peth. This is surely a must-have when in Pune.

6. Poha and Jalebi, Indore

Poha and Jalebi, Indore

If you’ve ever been to Indore, you know how the locals love Poha -Jalebi. Considered a dessert in many parts of India, the locals from Indore choose to believe otherwise and eat Jalebi for breakfast, with the meal and even after it. The dish is so famous that you can find it in most restaurants in the morning.

7. Luchi Dum at Sharma Dhaba, Kolkata

Luchi Dum at Sharma Dhaba, Kolkata

No Bengali breakfast is ever complete without steaming hot Luchis and spicy Aloo Dum. This is also known as Poori Bhaaji and is best served on Elgin Road in Kolkata.

8. Nimish, Lucknow

Nimish, Lucknow
Once in Lucknow, head straight to the streets of the old city to taste Nimish which is also known as Makkhan Malai. The froth of milk is mildly flavoured with saffron, cooled in the overnight dew and served with nuts. Make sure you reach before 9 am or you might end up missing it.

9. Nihari, Purani Delhi

Nihari, Purani Delhi
Whether you’re new to Delhi or have been staying here for ages, Purani Dilli has a vibe like no other. The streets invite you to have Nihari early in the morning. Often called the dish of the kings, it consists of slow-cooked lamb or beef with soft Khameeri Rotis and chillies.

10. Bread omelette and tea, Amritsar

Bread omelette and tea, Amritsar
In a typical Amritsari scenario, grabbing a bread omelette with chai from a street-side stall is a bliss. Sold all over the city, people wake up super early to get fresh omelettes and tea. Priced around Rs. 40 for two, this is not just pocket-friendly but will also fill your belly!

11. Idiyappam and stew, Kerala

Idiyappam and stew, Kerala

The origin of this dish is more like a sensitive issue because Tamil Nadu and Kerala get territorial over it. In any case, if you’re looking for a healthy and heavy breakfast, Idiyappam and stew is a wonderful option. Idiyappam is made with rice flour and the stew is usually made of coconut milk and vegetables.